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It's a family that needs almost no introduction. But here it is anyway. It started with Loudon -- a musical legend -- and continued on to Sloan, Rufus, Martha, Lucy, Lexi, Suzzi...and, well, you almost need a genealogy chart, or at least a timeline, to map it out.

LAS VEGAS - When the late, great Chuck Daly took on coaching duties for the 1992 USA Basketball Dream Team, there was a general consensus that his tou...

Summer is starting to heat up and so is the buzz surrounding the Rio 2016 Olympics. In Brazil, some athletes will be breaking world records during the...

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By Sierra Filucci, Common Sense Media

The Olympic Games can be such an inspiring and exciting time to watch TV as a family. But beyond the fantastic ...

When we start feeling like a yo-yo from all the highs to lows, we can practice these five key tips for regaining steadiness:

We're less than a month away from the world's best athletes gathering in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Olympics and the Road to Rio really heated up last week with the swimming Olympic Trials. As a former competitive swimmer, I love the Olympics and watched eagerly as the hopefuls dueled in the pool for spots on Team USA.

After two nights of fierce competition at the U.S. Women's Gymnastics Olympic Team Trials in San Jose, California, the 2016 team has finally be...

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Sport boycotts have been effective measures for countries to express disdain and condemnation for the actions of another.


American Diplomacy, Warts and All

As I look towards competing in my second Olympics, it's easy to forget the little steps along the way that brought me to my current position.

The rape of a woman, for which the athletes are presumed responsible, was not mentioned in the statement, which constitutes an act of secrecy, concealment of the truth and disrespect for the audience.

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You've got beaches. You've got Samba. You've got so much natural beauty. You've got superbacteria. You've got armed robbery. You've got a declared state of financial emergency. Thirty days out from the start of the Olympics, Rio is still beautiful... and a mess.

This is not to say that cities in developing nations don't deserve the honor of hosting Olympics, but simply that resources poured into these countries would be better spent improving cities for the people who will continue living them long after Olympics have moved on.

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The main http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Olympic+Games line of inquiry should not focus on why the animal was shot, but rather what happened leading up to that unfortunate moment.

It's been years since I watched the made-for-TV movie, "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble." So many that when I recently watched it, I discovered my only memory had been confused with a Seinfeld episode.

Although the United States is slowly catching up to the rest Moda esportiva Viver Esporte of the world in terms of overall popularity, soccer clearly has a rich history and global influence. All this said, is this influence positive or does it pull us apart?

By Susan Blumenthal, MD, MPA and Ladan Fakory, MPA

With as many as 500,000 spectators and more than 10,500 athletes expected to attend the Olympic and...


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